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Fear of a messy world
The state of the world is a mess
We have suicide bomber wearing vest
We begin to peacefully protest
And there you have it more killings which are unjust
The cops kills unarmed men
Who did not have any weapons to defend#FearofAMessyWorld, Fear of A messy World, #KayeTheTruth, KayeTheTruth, #PureTruthology, #PureTruthology
Is this violence based on race or class
How long will these horrific acts last
Will it always be an eye for an eye
Until we all die
I don’t want to live in fear
Are our last days on earth near…
#PureTruthology #Fearofamessyworld #KayeTheTruth If you are not dealing with #Kaye it ain’t the #Truth

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