#KayeTheTruth, Kaye TheTruthKimberly “Kaye TheTruth” Mason is a motivational speaker, business consulting and radio personality.  This multimedia executive is not only Vice President of Communication for the Nerve (DJs), but is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Truth Talk Show Network, Pure Truth LLC, Access Unlocked and CaJoKai.

In her role as vice president for one of the largest deejay coalition, Kimberly is responsible for developing and delivering a communications plan that will help to achieve the company’s vision and strategy. Some of her duties consists of, overseeing a public relations and communications plan that enhances the company’s reputation and brand positioning.

As the Program Director and the CEO of The Truth Talk Show Network radio, Mason manages twenty-eight (28) associates, along with scheduling the station’s programming. She also monitors and review programming to ensure corporation’s guidelines are followed.

Access Unlocked is a digital platform which provides information on news, politics, business and entertainment.  Kimberly is not only the CEO, however she is also, one of the contributing journalist.  Her job function, is to ensure current and accurate content is maintained on the site.

Under the CaJoKai brand, Mason is responsible for promotions, event planning, business consulting and management.

Kimberly created and developed Pure Truth LLC media and entertainment platform, as a way to provide an additional outlet, for the independent artist.  Kimberly organizes and arranges the music heard on the site.  She also conduct artist interviews.

Kimberly received a bachelor’s degree in business from Amberton University.

When this business consultant is not working, she gives back to the community.  Kaye is on the board of Citizens Community to Save Our Children (CCSOC), she is a Community Action Network (CAN) member for Parkland Hospital and a Community Leader for Texas Organizing Project (TOP) education division in Dallas.  She has also served, two (2) years on the planning committee for Kwanzaa Festival in Dallas, Texas.

Kaye has successfully planned, executed and coordinated the H.E.L.P (Health, Education, Life and Progression) and E.Y.E.S (Educating, Youth, Empowerment and Success) annual conferences under the CaJoKai brand.

Kimberly “Kaye TheTruth” Mason is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of serveral corporations.  She use her expertise to assist other individuals and/or corporations with expanding their brand.

Some of the entities she continues to work closely with, include but is not limited to Nerve DJs, music executive Amad Henderson, Kermit “The SuperStar Maker” of ECMD, Maro Polo formerly of Hi Five and Smoke D of Trill Life Ent.

Whether it is Kimberly’s writing skills, professionalism, brand representation or public speaking, she continues to be a highly sought after business consultant.